5 Digital marketing trends for 2017

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5 Digital marketing trends for 2017

A new year is upon us and to kick things off nicely my first blog post of the year is going to address the direction your website and digital marketing should be heading in this year.

Let face it, digital marketing is a fast-paced environment and keeping up to speed with all the new trends can be time consuming and hard work. This is especially true in the digital arena which is constantly evolving in order to cater to businesses and their marking strategies. While some of these trends are ineffective there are many trends which end up really benefiting companies and these are the ones that are expected to become even more popular in 2017.

Below are 5 Digital marketing trends that will really drive your business, benefit your customers and help you reach a larger audience in 2017.

1. Content Marketing

If you haven’t already heard of this term, you will in 2017. Content marketing in terms of SEO is developing quality and engaging content on your website/blog. Google will reward the maximum visibility to articles, images and stories that receive the most engagement. Get busy writing, tell your story to your potential customers out there, tell them all the helpful tips-and-tricks you would normally tell them face to face, tell them success stories or inform them about market changes or new products. Use this content in all your social media channels and email it out to clients, but just remember to get it out there.

One theory around content marketing is your goal is to get readers thinking ‘This one is written specifically for me and my business’ This will assure you will be read, noticed and pick up some engagement.

2. Sales funnels and lead capture

First up you have to ask yourself, ‘Am I happy with my website just being an online brochure?’ OR ‘This the year I want to to get my website working for me and bringing in new business’. If your answer is ‘Get my website working for me’ then you are on the right track. Your website is your most powerful marketing tool, so why let it just sit on a server doing nothing but collecting dust. Get people coming to your site to interact, download stuff, sign up to things and you can do this by giving the wealth of your knowledge and offering free advice or tools upfront before they even sign up with you, upfront value will really help turn a lead into a paying customer.

3. Data driven strategy

If you don’t fully understand this term, in a nutshell it’s using traffic data taken from your website to improve your website. The data we’re talking about shows us the behaviour of users on your website, what has been accessed, which pages are the most popular, what sort of information seems to be the most important to visitors and are they interacting as they should. Setting up a tool like Google Analytics is great way to help you get this sort of data. Analysing this data will light the way in optimising your website to becoming a powerful tool.

As a website designer, I have always based the design of clients websites on my experience and assumptions, as all web designers do… but now we have proof!

4. Mobile

If you have to choose the most relevant marketing trend to help you in of 2017, mobile will always be the most important. Mobile has become the most important marketing factor impacting web development with around 80% of internet users opting to view websites on a mobile device. Google did a good job pulling everyone’s socks up at the start of last year by penalising websites that weren’t mobile friendly, so make sure it works on your phone. Make sure you don’t have to scroll in and out to access menu’s and content, ideally your website should break down to give the user them most relevant content in an orderly, legible fashion.

5. Video or audio to enhance your story telling

If you are thinking about using video in your website or blog, remember it’s all about effective storytelling and getting across your service value to people visiting your content. Video popularity has become big and is only going to be getting bigger this year. Take advantage of this trend and create relevant, meaning full videos related to your business. Here are some ideas of how you could use it:

• Video introduction about your business

• Presentation about a certain service relevant to the time of year, i.e. if you are an accountant, a 3 step plan for organising your tax return.

• Try getting people to give you a video testimonial

Hope this gives you a bit of a head start on your competitors for 2017, if I can help you out in any way please drop me a line.

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